“Identifying Top Talent in IT” since 1990

As a whole, Information Technology (IT) centers in-and-around acronyms, abbreviations, and three (3) or four (4) letter/number combinations summarizing “who’s-who”, “what-we-do”, and “how-we’re-doing-it”…

…you have KPI’s, SLA’s, B2B, B2C, SAP, ERP, CRM, PMP, (PMP’s with PMI Certs), VP’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s …and more …”WHEW!”

In the meantime, the most widely recognized acronym in today’s business world is without a doubt:


That’s where we step in!

Reliable Options, Incorporated (ROI) is an IT Talent Management Group headquartered in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, and has offices in Kansas City, MO and Los Angeles, CA.

ROI is comprised of talented IT Search and IT Sales Professionals who are determined to show you the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) with your IT Contract Services and Perm Search Dollar.

Should it be professional resources needed to supplement a project from time-to-time (staff-augmentation/consultants), or long-term, full-time employees (perm hires), ROI has the ability, means, and bandwidth to approach consultants, and candidates with your opportunity, narrow the field of competition, vet, and close.

Bottom Line: Only pre-screened, and qualified candidates are submitted for your review.

Everyday we’re reaching-out and helping companies “Identify Top Talent in IT” …

          … “so what do you say…

                 … can we help you too?”